Launch Date:  November 27th 2020

Bringing Visibility to hostile racial discrimination, in the “Workplace.”

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My determination is to bring into visible external awareness the internal silent unseen suffering, caused as the direct result of repugnant, deplorable, unlawful and hostile racial discrimination, in the “Workplace”.  My hope is that those who have ears will hear what Racism is doing to all people. Racism has personally given me the opportunity to see firsthand both the killing of the spirit that it perpetuates in most instances and in some instances as we will see in this doc physical death. 

The documentary, 3 Murders & A Suicide will help every viewer see clearly even the more that Racism is wrong, and when any organized force designed for the carrying on of public or private business chooses to align itself with Racism and helps to embody the same, there will always be someone at some point and whatever time, that will put forth an effort to change the structure of the establishment such that it will not be able to support, sustain, and help to institutionalize it.
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